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Breast Reconstructions in Virginia Beach

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Breast Reconstructions Overview

Breast reconstruction, also known as breast reconstruction after mastectomy, is a procedure to restore or replace damaged or removed breast tissue. This procedure rejuvenates the female profile after trauma such as breast cancer, trauma, birth defects or disease. There are many different types and options for breast reconstruction procedures, and the skill of your plastic surgeon plays a big role in the final result. Breast reconstruction is truly an art and science combined.

Women who choose to have a breast reconstruction procedure have several options to achieve their goals. Surgery can be done immediately at the time of mastectomy or afterwards, when the mastectomy incisions have healed. Delaying reconstruction is a common option women chose, and delays are often common for months if not years.

A Customized Treatment Plan

For those individuals looking to correct the look of their body, breasts or face, Dr. Alspaugh offers each patient a customizable treatment plan that allows every person to feel comfortable with their decision. These elective surgeries are not a one size fits all procedure, and there are many options to consider. Dr. Alspaugh and his office staff will work with you to create a plan of action that looks the most natural for you.

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Breast Reconstruction With Dr. Alspaugh

Choosing a breast reconstruction surgery is a big decision and can often be the last phase of a long journey for our patients. The reconstruction represents an end phase of the disease or trauma they were faced with. This type of procedure is a lasting effort to return the female form and allow our patient’s to feel comfortable in their own skin. If you feel breast reconstruction is right for you, please don’t hesititate to call and schedule an appointment with board-certified breast reconstruction plastic surgeon Dr. Alspaugh.

Unique situations often add cost to the surgery. Upgraded technology such as the ‘Keller Funnel’ will require less anesthesia and leave a smaller scar, but may cost more.

Dr Alspaugh is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). It is possible to find non-board-certified breast implant surgeons in the Virginia Beach area, but experience counts with surgery. Make sure you are comfortable with your surgeon’s level of expertise. Dr. Alspaugh has remained ‘Top Doc’ in the Virginia Beach area for multiple years in a row by Virginia Living Magazine.

On the low end, saline usually costs less than silicone. Silicone has a much more natural touch and feel. On the high-end, high profile (narrow with projection) implants cost more.

Breast implants are meant to be an aesthetic improvement to your body. Dr Alspaugh has decades of experience working with women in the Virginia Beach & Norfolk community to deliver the top techniques and training on the breast augmentation technique.

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